Monday, January 2, 2017

Top 10 Posts of 2016

A few days in to 2017 and I'm still hanging on to some awesome memories of 2016. Here are 10 of my top posts of last year! Take a look...

1.  My niece Raeya was born on May 10th and I'm proud that my sister picked part of the name I chose for her. All the kids names start with R and they were having a hard time choosing a girl name that started with R. I said Raeya Rose and they went with Raeya Michelle. Still a win in my book!

2. As a Utah blogger I got the opportunity to promote a horse show called Cavalia that came to Sandy, UT. It was ah-maze-ing! No joke! If you ever get the chance to see's so worth it!

3. Right before Tony moved to California for his job, we took my sister and her 2 boys to Lagoon.  Riley and Reese had never been to any park like this before and once they got in and saw how cool it was, they had a really fun time. It was so cute to watch them enjoy the rides.

4. Enjoyed some Utah summer fun by going to movies in the park, winning a gift card prize pack from LDSBC, lunch at work that my co-worker Sandra and I put together, a hike and going to a fun wedding reception. 

5. Once I finally got myself to a Salt Lake Parade of Homes, I was hooked. It's such a fun event and even more fun to go with friends. It's crazy cool to see inside the ginormous homes with bowling alleys, walk in closets galore and fancy kitchens.

6. My family never owned Saturday's Warrior but I recall watching it at church in Sunday School every so often. Those were fun times. I heard a new updated movie was being made and I was able to go with Tony to the preview night + meet all the cast. It was such an amazing night!

7. I had a friend who posted a lot about a food conference happening in SLC and I finally was convinced to volunteer. I am SO glad I did. Amazing conference, especially for the first year of existence.  Soo impressed!

8. Not only did Tony graduate but I did too! Who knew we'd be graduating together! Luckily it wasn't the same weekend but it was really fun to take some pictures together in our graduation gowns and caps.

9. Utah Valley Parade of Homes was also another fun time I got to enjoy this summer in Utah.

10. After taking a few years of not going to Idaho for Christmas, it was nice to be able to see my parents as well as my in-laws during the holiday.

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