Sunday, May 15, 2016

Graduation Station!

April was the craziest month of all months so far this year! I graduated from LDSBC and the next weekend Tony graduated from BYU. I was able to borrow my graduation gown from a friend so I could hang on to it for some extra time to get pictures with Tony the weekend he graduated....

These pictures are not the best because I had to zoom in lots...

Thursday I was able to go to the commencement ceremony in Provo with Tony's parents. We were all in the big auditorium to listen to some speakers. It was crazy to find parking but it all worked out in the end. We looked and looked for Tony and finally was able to find him through texting and some flashing of the flashlight app on our phones. Creativity at it's finest!

On Friday we all went back to Provo and got to see Tony actually walk in his graduation.

Here he is in line - it's almost his turn! I was so giddy with excitement.

He's in the middle again, almost getting handed his diploma. I got actual video when he was up there instead of pictures. Someday I will get around to editing that and posting it to YouTube.

We had to hurry to get downtown for dinner (and trying to get out of Provo was awful with the traffic) but were able to get a few pictures together afterwards, thanks to my brother Matt who showed up!

WOOT! So proud of him!

Our attempt at a jumping picture. So funny!

Tony did get a job offer that he has accepted but we are holding off telling too many people until his background check is completed. So, stay tuned for an announcement on that on all forms of social media once we are ready to tell everyone!

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A GAL NEEDS said...

Congratulations!!! What a special time and extra special because you were able to do it with your husband!