Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas in Idaho! (Part 1)

 I know I have taken a break from blogging again for awhile because life just got way too busy for me to be able to keep up. Thought I'd drop a few pictures here (thanks to my dad for some of these) of Tony & I in Idaho for Christmas. It just worked out better this year to be here instead of California and we may continue to come in the future depending on what happens with life.

 It was a super scary drive with not knowing if the freeway was going to be open the whole way or not but it turned out that it was which saved time in not having to take a detour. On the other side of the highway there were at least 5 cars (1 rollover) into the ditch between us. So scary!! We took it slow and only added an extra 30 min to our drive somehow. We got to my parents house at 2am.
 We got up on Christmas morning and as per tradition, we open stockings first. This is only my second time ever spending Christmas with my family since they moved to Idaho 11 years ago. So strange to think about that but I've always spent time with my relatives on Christmas. Now things are changing a bit. At least, for this year I guess (2015). My brother Matt was in town from Rexburg where he is currently going to school. 2 out of 8 siblings home for Christmas isn't that good of numbers but better than 0 I guess.

 Obligatory and traditional pictures by the tree

One of my presents - a SoSo Happy hoodie!

More Christmas fun to come and also some other exciting posts so keep an eye out for that!

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