Sunday, July 17, 2016

Five at Lagoon!

I've been trying to fill up mine and Tony's week with something fun every day/night. Tony has been really wanting to take my nephew Riley (age 4) to Lagoon for awhile and of course the day before he has to drive to California to start his new job is the only day that works for us to take him. In the end my sister came too and brought Reese (age 2) as well. 

Reese loves anything with cars and so him and Riley rode this ride a couple times I think. They had a blast even though it does not show on their faces. This is their first time ever going on rides like this. 

We took this pic on the "eggbeater" ride for my dad. He took us on this ride at the Woodland fair when we were kids and we called it the "eggbeater" and loved to ride it every year. Riley seemed to like this one a lot. I have mad skills and took this pic with the ride in motion without dropping my phone. 

Pokemon servers were having issues on Saturday morning but I managed to catch a few while waiting for rides. Riley was a bit obsessed with the measuring sticks. So cute! He'd run up to them and stand on his tippy toes.

We rented 2 tubes and floated the lazy river about 8 times. I love lazy rivers! At Lagoon they call it Lagun-A-Beach.

Going through the tunnel! OoOoOo

This was the view for the very last ride we went on. Sadly Reese was not tall enough and Laura insisted Tony & I ride it with Riley so we waited in a very long line for quite awhile.

Rattlesnake Rapids

I think it was worse having less people (3) instead of more in our raft. We were bounced around a lot and that was fine but we all got super soaked! I've never gotten so wet on that ride before. Glad we saved it until the end!

Saw a mama peacock and her baby!

Tony's last picture with my nephews before he left for California on Sunday. I'm not sure when they will get to see him again so I wanted to take a picture of the 3 of them.

  • I wish I had taken more pictures, I left my fancy camera in the car.
  • Smartest decision was using that cart with wheels so we could tow all our gear. Sadly our current one was packed in the storage unit so we had to get another.
  • We brought lots of snacks, frozen Powerade - you can never have too many cold drinks!
  • For lunch we had a sub sandwich that we cut up into slices for everyone and brought chips and cheese as well.
  • We got there right when the park opened and stayed until around 5/530. We were all pretty exhausted!
  • Got to see my friends Brian and Susan and their daughter. They live near the park and we have not seen them for awhile! Always so fun to catch up with them.
  • Lines started to get longer in the afternoon but most seemed to move at an okay pace.

Here's to hoping we can use our bounceback passes in the next 10 days for one more time of Lagoon fun!

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