Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Saturday's Warrior Preview Night!

If you are LDS and grew up in the 80's and 90's, chances are you saw the original Saturday's Warrior movie. I'm not sure how I got to see it a few times because I don't remember my family ever owning it. If we watched it at church, class was only roughly 45 minutes long so we would have had to watch it over the course of 2 Sundays. So weird. But I do remember all the songs and for the most part, how it all went. I was super excited to find out they were redoing the movie. I briefly heard about it being on Kickstarter and then I started seeing billboards and hearing about a preview party. At first, I was not going to get a ticket but it got so hyped up online that I decided I could not miss going! And BOY, I'm glad I went! I got Tony & I tickets the day before and it was so fantastic to be there and meet the cast. Plus I knew a handful of people who were in the theater with us.

Tony had to stand awkwardly on chairs in the row behind me, thus the painful face as we were waiting for a photo to be taken of everyone in the theater. 

Photo Credit to Scott Jarvie

After the movie, it was a madhouse! We almost didn't find this section but I'm glad we kept walking through the Megaplex Theater instead of going out to the car. I got tons of good pictures with the actors & actresses in the new version of the movie. Check these out...

These 2 had major roles in the movie!

Basically who the movie is all about - Jimmy Flinders (Kenny Holland)
All the girls were swooning over him. It was funny.

The family

The band

Elder Kestler and I!

Kestler, Flinders and Richards

Larry King's (now wife) played Pam in the original version of the movie.

Costumes that the actors wore. The one on the left is the dress Emily wore and the gold outfit is what Alex Boye' wore - yes! he's in this movie and did a fantastic job.

 I loved the pink retro dress - so cool

We left after 10pm and it had cleared out a little but there were still quite a few people there, in line, mingling and waiting for pictures with the cast. 

Ever since I saw the new version of the movie, I've watched the old version twice (thank you Youtube), listened to the soundtrack (thanks again to YouTube) and shown Tony the old version as well. I don't know why I can't get enough?!

Tony mostly enjoyed the movie but he does not particularly like movies with lots of singing. The singing, while good, you can tell it was recorded in a studio. Tony thought the voices were a bit off (the movement of the mouth lip syncing to the songs I guess) but I did not notice that.  I did not watch previews of the new Saturday's Warrior so I basically had zero expectations. I thought the beginning was a little shaky but got better and stronger and overall I can't wait to see this movie again!

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Ashlee Marie said...

so fun seeing you that night. FYI shawn king wasn't in the original movie, maybe the play? Marianne Thompson played Pam in the original movie.