Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Odysseo Flash Giveaway - be among the first to discover Odysseo by Cavalia in Salt Lake.

Hello my friends! If you live in Utah or know someone who does, this is a contest you are going to want to enter! Have you drive by the South Towne mall and seen a huge ginormous white tent set up in the parking lot on the west side? Or billboards up and down the i-15 for a show called, Cavalia?

If you've looked at ticket prices, it can be pretty spendy to go but this is the status of a Vegas show in my mind - live horses, acrobats and lots of action! 
 It is going to be amazing! 

There are 65+ horses featured in the show and 48 artists from all over the world. Just the set up of the tent alone is incredible! 

You'll be happy to see that I have a few tickets to give away for this show, so don't delay and enter the flash giveaway because it's going to be over very fast. If you win, your tickets will be at will-call on April 22nd. 

*** Please do not enter if you cannot attend the show. ***


Amy P said...
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Longwell Kort said...

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