Saturday, June 11, 2016

Touring Million Dollar Homes!

I got 2 tickets to tour the Parade of Homes in Utah Valley and my former coworker and friend, Tiffany, goes every year and so I immediately thought to invite her.  We were able to go out on a Wednesday evening and started in the Alpine are because it had the million dollar homes.

I liked this view so much and that vase - wow! Also I liked the round kitchen table because usually I see rectangle or square ones

Great countertop and sink set up. I also loved the fruit/veggie stand 
at the end of the counter.

I own lots of hats and some purse bags and think this would be so handy to have in a room or walk in closet.

I love this storage area! For food or camping supplies or holiday items. Swoon. There were so many aisles or shelves!

I really loved this backsplash design and color

This floor - so awesome

This room - the bookcase actually could swing back! It was roped off so I couldn't see where it led to but reminded me of the mystery books I used to read as a kid.

This TV could rise up or down depending on if you wanted to watch it or not. So fun.

This house had a spa and sauna! Wow

and this house had a rock climbing wall AND foam pit!

Crazy that this house had a 2-lane bowling alley. Wowee. 
How fun for parties and get togethers!

Tiny water fountain out by the pool

Fancy pool with a slide and 3 waterfall type things

That view - so pretty

Love the outdoor grill area

This bathtub was solid - very thick sides

Nothing much to mow but lots to weed

This house had a big basketball court!

I would love to have one of these in my house - esp if I had kids.

Tiny toilet in a bathroom with a big one. Good for potty training or when kids 
have their little friends over. Haha.

Cool bunkbed set up

I loved this bathroom so much. My favorite floor and a bird painting and in the corner to the left were some built in shelves.

Thank you Tiffany for going with me! 
Hope we get to go at least one more time before it's over.

Here is more information about the Parade of Homes if you are interested to go!

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