Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cavalia Odyesso Review

Let me just start by saying, if you still have not been able to go see Cavalia behind the South Towne Mall in Sandy, Utah, take the time to go see it! A deal on the website is to buy 6 tickets and get 6 for free. The show leaves Utah on June 20th so you have a week or so left to go see how cool and amazing  it is.

I am not sure I would recommend the dinner. There was a lot of fishy/seafood type stuff and I'm not into that. My chicken was okay, the steak really had a good flavor to it though. Just all in all a bit fancier food than I am used to.

I was able to give away tickets on my Facebook page, this blog and Instagram as well. Cavalia was soo generous I could not believe it. They also gave me 4 tickets to do whatever I would like so I gave 2 to my coworker and 2 to my sister. It was fun being able to hear about their experience at the show which was nothing but amazing.

 It was hard to get good pictures because everything moved fairly fast but I tried to pick out some of the ones that turned out best.




The carousel was one of my favorite parts 



The backdrops were just amazing!


Actual water filled the main stage of the arena.  It was sooo cool




After the show was over, we got to meet some of the horses before they 
were put away for the night

I highly recommend going to see this show. Lots of action, 
nothing was boring and it was just a fun crowd!

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