Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Heart Owls (and Birds in General)

If you know me well or maybe dont know me that well at all, you might have figured out my latest obsession with owls. Well, it probably started last fall and Im not really sure what caused it but its in full force right now! The last couple times I've gone to Target I've discovered the cutest owl stuff and I just had to share!

 Super cute owl bag and bird bag. $15 when I took the pic, 
wonder if they are on sale now.

 Love these bird wall decorations!

 Owl wall hanging - super cute!

 Took this picture on Saturday at Target and then went again last night and it was on sale - 1/2 off , so only $6. I was stoked! They look like parakeets. Love it!

 Love this owl cup holder but really do not need it. Tony and I never drink from such tiny cups. Lol

 Ahh this owl chair! I wish I had gotten more of the top of it but I was trying to be discreet in my picture taking. The little ottoman with storage next to it has some owls on it as well. The chair is $99 but on sale right now for $75. 

 At Target last night in the Garden section..this sweet owl - I love the colors. It bobbles its head and wings too. Wish so bad I had a yard to put it in! I guess I could put it on the windowsill inside facing out, that's the only way it wouldn't get stolen. I really might buy it bc I just love it so much!

So much owlness here. Love the fat purple owl even though its eyes looked bloodshot. Heart the white owl! The green owl lights up with a solar panel! There are small owls below that you can stick in to dirt and they act like markers.

I wish I had Target gift cards to get all the owl stuff!

What are you obsessed with right now?


Rebecca Brady said...

i LOVE owls!

Sean and Deana said...

Those are so cute! I'm loving anything bright colored and stripes. Everything I buy lately has stripes!

Stacie S-H said...

Rebecca , I didnt know you loved owls too! super sweet! Deana, I just bought two tank tops to wear over shirts a couple weeks ago at Target and one is teal and gray stripes and the other is navy blue and white stripes. Debating if I should keep them both or just keep one but I love the colors and design of stripes on them. Fun!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I think owls are adorable! loving your finds :) Those ceramic owls in the last picture are beautiful!