Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SLC Lantern Fest

 I know this picture is hard to see but it's where we turned right to head into the open space where the lantern festival was happening. I was so excited because basically the logo for this event is a giant owl! Whooooo!

I dont even remember how I heard about this event, someone may have invited me on Facebook. I heard about a lantern festival called Rise that happened right outside Las Vegas last year but we were not able to go. When I heard this event - Lantern Fest - was coming to Utah, I knew we had to go! Sadly we missed the early bird ticket price so we ended up volunteering which got us in for free + some awesome tshirts!

 The long line of cars to get in and park but luckily it moved fairly quick.
 I could not get enough of this owl! But I did have enough of the family who decided to picnic at it's feet! :-|
 We tried to block them so we could get a selfie

 One assignment we were going to do was put 2 logs per firepit out but then we got called away to make sure people in the long line had filled out their release form online. My mouth got dry saying the same words over and over until Tony rescued me with some water. It was fun to see all the people that came, old, young, families, teens, babies....

 There were some people performing their music as well as a DJ that people could listen to or dance along with as they waited for it to get dark. There was a few food trucks and those with lanterns were given markers to decorate and draw designs on the thin paper.

The wind was a little much for the lanterns and made them fly faster than I wanted so my pictures didn't turn out so well.




One of the food trucks
  A solo lantern

Overall it was so so fun to go out to Grantsville to participate in this event. It was well worth the time and I would gladly volunteer again. It would also be fun to just go and participate. Either way, next time I am lighting up a lantern so I can watch it float away. Just looks so cool!

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