Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sandy Utah - Hot Air Balloons!

 We all know by now that I am a night owl and I hate to wake up in the morning. It is super hard to do. One thing that helps me a bit to get up early is knowing I can see hot air balloons. I love them so much! Every August in Sandy, UT they have a little hot air balloon festival. Friday & Saturday morning and then a balloon glow Saturday evening.

 I met up with my friend and visiting teaching companion, Darcy (purple sweatshirt) and some of her family. It was fun to her! I went solo because Tony decided to sleep in, which is fine, but it was a bummer to not have him come.

 You are now getting into a picture overload, so enjoy!






Later on in the evening...

 Sadly the weather was a bit too windy for any of the balloons to inflate for very long. The Maverick balloon stayed up for as long as it could, of course.

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