Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fire on Foxbridge

 We have our bedroom window open often with the nice weather and one night Tony & I were in bed watching a show and I smelled something burning. He didnt smell anything much but I got concerned and got up to check the office and the laundry room and kitchen. Nothing there. 

I opened the front door to sniff outside and noticed all our neighbors standing outside and the air was getting smokey. 2 buildings down from us, there was a fire and smoke was pouring out of the vents and windows. I raced upstairs and told Tony what was going on and we headed outside to watch. Not that it's a good thing to be gawking at but stuff like this does not happen every day.

 I apologize for the quality of the pictures - taken with no flash - on my iPod touch
 There were no firetrucks, police or ambulances on the scene when we first arrived but we quickly heard sirens and then our street was full of flashing red lights for the next few hours



 The other end of the street had more firetrucks, an ambulance that eventually moved closer I think and some police cars and other vehicles from the city.

My car had been parked in front of the house. I am so glad I moved it so there was more room for the emergency vehicles to get through

 It sprinkled a little bit, our neighbors came outside and watched with us but eventually we needed to go back inside to bed. I did listen for awhile on my police scanner app. I felt so bad for the 4 families in that building who had kids who had to go to school the next day.

 Stretcher for...Mr. Nobody

            These lights remained for the next few hours and made it hard to fall     asleep but eventually I got so tired I just crashed.

 Finally the fire was put out. The firemen took awhile to do that, to even go in to the building. I guess they were making a strategy.

 I saw the news outside the next day and turned on the TV as I got ready for work. The fire was too close for comfort but I am just grateful it was not a windy day. A fire is one of my biggest fears that could happen in my home. Esp when you share a building with 4 other families. 

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