Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cockatiels At the Vet

Poor Oreo. I took her to the vet on the 4th of July because she had not been herself the last few days and I noticed she was dragging one of her wings. She must have hurt it in the cage somehow but I am not sure how she did that. It made me and Tony feel so so sad to see her miserable. Sleeping a lot. Not moving around much or eating. I'm glad we decided to take her in to the vet, even though it was on a holiday!


Rococo was his lively self. I took him because he has been sitting on the floor of the cage more than usual and that is not common for him. However, he checked out fine! 

 The car ride. Oreo was so sleepy and not interested in the ride on the way there. Rococo was chirping loudly, he loves the car I guess!

The vet wrapped Oreo's wing and gave me some medicine for her. They wanted to do x-rays but there was a high chance that she would not pull out of the anaesthesia so I did not want to risk it. They wanted to do blood and stool sample work but I said I would try the wrap and medicine first and see how she responded. 

She responded so good! After a few days of medicine she was back to her usual self.  Tony & I were so relieved!

The wrap is being taken off and she will be evaluated on Thursday. I will post another update with good news - fingers crossed - .

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