Thursday, July 2, 2015

Neon Trees Concert at UVU

In June, my friend asked if I might want tickets to see the Neon Trees in concert because she was unable to go. I felt so sad for her about that but was happy to be able to go with Tony to enjoy the show. Here are a bunch of pictures from that evening and the cool things we did afterwards! 

The concert was at the Brent Brown baseball field at UVU

Waiting and listening to the other bands perform which were Big Data, Fictionist, Blue Aces, Alex Winston, The Strike, Two Nations and Yes You. I liked Big Data and The Strike, who I saw perform in February at Build Your Blog Conference. Fictionist was good too.

Super long line for the Cup Bop food truck. We had eaten already so we didn't get any food at the concert.

Taking a nap, I mean, soaking in the music


No idea why my movies play so fast like that..hopefully you can hear sound? If not, just imagine a Neon Trees song....

Such a fun evening with perfect weather

The concert is almost over and we headed towards the parking lot so we wouldn't have to fight too much of the crowd getting to our car

Got to enjoy some fireworks on the way to the car. Bit of a bummer that the bright streetlight was always in the way though.

 Next stop - Waffle Luv. The actual store/restaurant, which I have never been to until that night! We got the $5 special to welcome my brother and his family to Provo and a waffle with Nutella and strawberries for Tony & I to share.

My niece Chloe - she was good at scowling at us after her bath or just staring, with a mustache of whipped cream from her bite of waffle. It was too funny. 

It was probably around 11pm by the time we got to their place with the waffles but it was nice to visit a bit and welcome them to Provo. 

Such a fun night!

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