Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Portland Oregon Day 1

I know I have other things to blog about but I wanted to blog about this trip while the details are still fresh in my head. Tony dropped me off at the airport about around 630. My flight was supposed to leave at 8.  I have not flown in 5 years so I was a little nervous about remembering to do everything correctly. Lucky for me, everything went perfectly and I boarded my flight, bought some wifi and the hour and a half passed pretty quickly.

  So excited there was wifi available. Last time I flew (2010!) it was only available on a few flights with Southwest.

 The great Salt Lake

Gorgeous clouds!

I have missed seeing Mount Hood!

I was surprised at how brown it was! I learned that Portland had not had any rain for about a month and the weather has been fairly hot. This is not the view I am used to seeing!

When I got to Portland I caught a shuttle pretty quick to the Budget rent-a-car and I picked up a little black Ford Focus and headed to Fred Meyers to pick up things I forgot in SLC. Namely toothbrush and deodorant. How I forgot to put those in my suitcase I dont know. 

 (I thought these prints were so cool!)

Finally I could get to Lindsay and Garrett's house where I was staying for my first night. Their little guy Rylan was still up so I got to see him for a few minutes and then Lindsay made some chicken quesadillas and corn on the cob for dinner. SO super good, I wish I had taken a picture. Seriously. I did take a picture of the bag for the tortillas though...need to find these in Utah!

Lindsay gave me this menu before I went to bed. I was so excited!! Reminded me of the days when I was a kid and once a year my parents would celebrate WCD (Wonderful Children's Day) and my dad would make up a menu of lots of food and we could all pick our main course, a side and dessert. Those times were so much fun so I was beyond excited that I got to do it again in a way.

 All my menu choices!

Waking up on my birthday in Oregon. Sooo cool 

Lindsay decorated the bathroom mirror with so many fun words and drawings.
 Feeling loved! 

 Lindsay got right to work in the morning making all the foods I had circled on the menu.

Here is what I ended up with!

                 Eggs, hash browns, fresh blueberries with whipped cream, sausage and 
                                                                 cinnamon raisin toast!

                            My little friend Rylan finding a flower for me in the backyard

 After breakfast we got ready for the day and we went to garage sales! I never get to garage sale on Friday because I am at work so it was a treat. We found a few good deals and it was so fun because we used to garage sale together in Utah so it felt like old times, just in a different state.

Next we went back and picked up her boys and we all went to Craft Warehouse...read all about that here and stay tuned for my next post about Portland!

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