Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show Day 3

Headed to CES for the last day! I snapped this as I was driving so it's not the best but you get the idea. This is a long post full of pictures and words so you can scroll and look at pictures or you can read as you go. I just have so much to share from the last day!

 The weather in Las Vegas was so good and I loved being able to wear short sleeves and not be cold. 

Instead of starting out at the convention center, I parked at the Wynn hotel to check out some of the other companies (including Kickstarter!) in the Sands Hotel. Thanks to my friend Wendy who told me about this!

I have never been inside the Wynn before and was blown away by how clean it was! It didnt smell heavily or even at all of cigarette smoke which was refreshing.

The halls were so pretty and clean

This restaurant looked so beautiful inside!

The wall in the back had water running over it. So beautiful!

The mothership! Hehe. This is at the mall.

I am so excited this product is finally out. I saw them on Kickstarter a long time ago and now it's here! It's a photo frame that links with your Instagram account. A lot more fun and interactive than a normal photo frame.

This reminds me of a new product out called the Amazon Echo. Here is some information about what this guy was so excited about. When I asked him if I could take a picture of the item, this is how he posed.

I love the product these guys have for a camera to take with you on the go, called Contour. I tried to win one but no luck. You can attach it on to your helmet or carry it other ways. I thought the quality was great and they seemed interested in working with bloggers. Also, they are based out of Utah!

On to this cool gadget, kind of helping you keep it steady.

Wearable technology! Meet, Belty. "Belty is the new belt experience. It adjusts to its wearer throughout the day and communicates with him by tactile feedback. Belty is the first "awearable" object that is attentive to its wearer and helps him become more aware of his body."

The card below this smart fan said, Haiku with SenseME is the world's first smart ceiling fan. With its onboard computer and censors, this fan makes decisions to keep you comfortable - automatically. And it works with Next to lower air conditioning costs up to 30%.

Such a cute tiny cube!

I was excited to see this company here, I remember watching them on Shark Tank with Tony. It was neat to talk to them and exchange information. Hopefully I will be able to do a review on this product in the summer when we start camping again.

I found a "no charge smartwatch" that caught my attention

There were some fun additions you could add to the watch

I checked out the Mota SmartRing booth.

It's a bit bulky right now but they are working on the design still. We exchanged contact information and I am excited to see if they still want to work with me once they get back to the office.

Ahh I loved this so much! It's a doorbell that syncs with an app on your phone, no matter where you are. You can answer the call at your door and determine who is there and what they might be wanting. Salesman? You can say, "not interested". Friend? Family? So many ideas.

The section for 3D printers was quite large

The "Witbox" 3D printer

This one was only $799!

Cool products printed with 3D printers

Maybe someday I can print my own molds for my teeth. Haha!

3D printed dress! wow
bendable material for the 3D printer.Super awesome. 
The possibilities are endless

Your first smart home Robot!

Smart wheelchair!

I love that more appliances are working with the Nest app!

Warm your feet. 
Track your day.
Check calories burned!

I made a superhero with my face! Created it here, have to order it online but I havent been able to get it to load on the website when I put in my code. Sad day. It was really cool to do though!

Walking back to the Wynn hotel. Had some trouble finding my car but a nice man who works at the hotel helped me find it!

This was made by Jeff Koons and bought by the hotel for $28.2 million dollars! They have guys standing by, guarding, 24/7

The carpet was pretty cool. And so clean!

Looking up! Fancy!

Here are the tulips that Jeff Koons also made that the hotel bought. 
$33 million!

Finally made it to the roof and to my car! It was another great weather day

As I drove closer to the main buildings at CES I saw someone test driving a new car. Pretty cool

Jon and Cali! I used to listen to all the time! I dont know what changed. They talk all tech and it's great. Live streaming online. I wish I would have had the courage to go say Hi to them in real life. Maybe next year. I vow to be better about listening to their show in 2015!

It was a big deal for me to meet up with Nathan who was at CES this year! He used to work at Cricut in Utah with all us bloggers! He has now moved to Colorado and works for Dish Network/Slingbox. Ahh it was so fantastic to talk to him and catch up. My eyes look Asian though in this picture from lack of sleep. Heh!

Time to leave CES! So sad.

Thoughts of CES 2015: So so glad I went. I'm extremely grateful that I was able to attend as many days as I did. It was great to meet some new people and make some friends. I loved seeing all the trends coming out in the tech industry and getting a hands on experience. It was valuable to me to go to the Kickstarter building and talk to new and upcoming companies. It was very worth it to go and I am excited for what the next year brings!

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