Sunday, January 11, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show Day 2

I spent my second day at CES wandering around the main halls again. There is SO much to see and do. Things to stand in line for and make something or try to win something. Huge boothes with tons to see. Tiny booths. It's just a lot to take in. Here's some of what I saw on Thursday! It's a LOT of pictures but enjoy.

This shower head was interesting, it's on the ceiling of the shower

Climbing wall but I didnt do it :-/ There was a line + I was carrying a lot of stuff.

Very nice surround sound speakers! Tony wants to get wireless speakers but I thought these were really nice looking. 

3D TV that you do not need glasses for! I am so glad the time has come. Those glasses for 3D TV's in the past were not comfy to wear for long. At least, the glasses I tried never were.

These guys were on Kickstarter! If you tend to lose your keys often (for example) you attach this on and there is an app on your phone that

Fancy chargers. That's what I'm talking about!

So many colors of FitBit

Had to play with some of the new Garmin GPS devices. I'm always a fan of Garmin!

They even have a dash cam, very cool

Garmin also sells navigation systems for motorcycles

There were numerous amounts of smart watches with activity trackers

Colorful wall of product designed in...New York City!

I really liked these phone cases and how they felt

Waterproof speakers, so cute! I liked all the colors but there are only 3 shown here in this pic

How many GoPros can you see in this picture?

Ahh Bitcoin. Cool booth and I got some 'free' Bitcoins sent to me. This is all very interesting and intriguing so it was cool to get some emailed to me and I am going to learn better how this all works. 

1 bitcoin = $300 right now (roughly)

Boogie Board had a booth at CES! Very cool! If you dont know what this is, you gotta check it out. Kind of like an etch-a-sketch but not.

Super fun jump drives!

The panda one was one of my favorites

Amazingness of 3D printers. There was a whole bunch of them!

The "Parrot" caught my eye. I love birds. 

This owl case was so cute!

I didnt look at cars as much this time but I did get this picture.

The 808 booth had this cool thing to do where a record was spinning in the box and you could squeeze a bottle of paint in any color you wanted , to make a cool design. 

Spinning around with my colors on it!

This is how they look when they are done and dry. It takes about 15 min to dry and I forgot to go pick up my record. Sadly when I went back Friday afternoon, they had given it away to someone else. I was pretty disappointed but it was all my fault. I should have just sat and waited for it to be dry and ready instead of walking around getting distracted by so many other things. They said this would be back next year though so I will try again!

Lifelike robot. Mouth, arms, head and everything moved! She always had a large crowd around her when she talked and demonstrated what she could do

Thinnest 4K TV ever!

Thinnest Ever 4K Sony TV - floating style. Wowow

Samsung always has a pretty impressive display of TVs. Last year it was one that you could put on 3D glasses I think. Now those 3D TVs are able to be made without having to wear the glasses!

Checking out Smart Home appliances

The curved TVs were back! More this year it seems than last year.

This is the world's largest 8K glassless 3D UHD TV. Whoah!

Brian Ach - Samsung Imagelogger was speaking here

This washing machine has a place you can soak clothes at the top before you put them into the main section of the washer. Pictured hanging in the air above is what is right underneath the lid of the washing machine.  I thought it was an interesting concept.

Nikon had a booth that featured this 360 Project. I first saw this when I did The Color Run with Laura last year.  I got a bracelet and signed up to do this on Wednesday but went back and stood in line instead to do this on Thursday. 

Here's a little .gif of the one I did. I thought my jump would turn out better but it didnt. I got a handful of glitter sequins to throw in the air on the count of 1 and then I jumped on 3. Kind of tricky!

 Still shot of me jumping. I did not know what pose to do. Wish I had done something different but maybe next year. There was a guy in front of me in line who is a local magician and they were letting him do some card tricks. Fun to watch how they turned out on the video screen!

Another cool display by Changhong

So pretty!

So this was what I saw and did on day 2 of me being at CES. Good day, got a lot more seen, especially in the north hall. Woot.

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