Monday, January 26, 2015

Vegas Blogger Meetup

My friend and fellow blogger Wendy, who lives in Las Vegas, told me about a blogger meetup going on during CES and she picked me up after I got done at the convention and we headed to a restaurant called Serendipity on the strip.

This clock is the first thing I noticed once we got seated. It wasnt until towards the end of the meal though that I saw the hands never move. Funny!

My food! Everything on the menu was very expensive but my sandwich was so good that I tried not to think about that.

Wendy got this amazing frozen hot chocolate. So big! So delicious.
Here is the group of us that showed up for the meetup!

The woman on the left is Rachel Martin and the man next to her is Dan Martin. Together, they run Blogging Concentrated. I had not heard too much about this until I met them and got to learn more. If I was making money from my blog I would sign up for what they do. They travel around holding conferences as well. It was fun to talk to them and hear their take on CES, blogging topics and more. We laughed and had a great time for a few hours and then called it a night.

We walked back to the hotel where our car was parked and saw this awesome dragon

Wendy and I got a picture together but it is escaping me. Sad day. When I find it I might stick it in this little spot below.

[[ insert picture here ]]

I could have ridden the new ferris wheel, Linq, for 1/2 off with my CES badge. 
Maybe next year!

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