Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blogger Party : My Minds Eye

Bloggers in Utah were invited to a paper company party at My Mind's Eye HQ in North Salt Lake to introduce their new paper line that is coming out and here are some pictures I took from the event! The two papers are Frightful and Sleigh Bells Ring.

I got to walk in to the building on gold carpet. GOLD!

Everything I saw was so fancy!

I loved the tiny balloons so much

Reminders for the hashtags (I usually take a pic of this or else I tend to forget)


Feeling fancy!

Pretty little cakes

So many treats in so many colors

DJ rockin' all of our favorite songs

I had to get cotton candy of course!

The view from above once most everyone was upstairs

We all got to decorate a little picture frame

There were giveaways (while I didn't win anything, I had friends that did!)

Awesome photo wall

As well as an awesome chalk art wall. Wheee

I thought this was cool.
It says "Work Hard, Stay Humble and Give Back"

The swag bags were so fancy and full of the new product line (some were Halloween and some were Christmas). So generous of My Minds Eye! Thank you thank you.

Awesome mini banners and paper decorations

Big thanks to my friend Aimee for driving us! It was great to see old friends at the event and meet new ones as well.

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Aimee said...

Looks like a very fun event! They did a great job decorating too (the little balloons? Adorable)!