Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Not a lot of explanation is needed here for these pictures. Everyone knows I am from California, I think ..and everyone knows I'm a big Sacramento Kings fan, right? Haha, well in case you didnt know those things, there you have it. On January 27th a few of us from California but now living in Utah, went to watch the Kings play the Jazz in downtown SLC.

I was so excited to wear all my Kings gear again! 

They were tied or really close in points (with the Kings ahead!) for a majority of the game

I dont think I upload my videos correctly on to blogger. You cant hit play or hear the sound I dont think. Whoops. Well, there were some people dancing really cool during the half time show.

Watching the Kings play allll the way down there!

The Jazz won, 106 to 99. But still. I wish though that the Kings had won. They won the last time they were in Utah to play the Jazz so maybe they only thought it was fair to let the Jazz win this time? haha!

Had a blast and I cant wait to go to see the Kings play again next season!
Are you an NBA fan? What is your favorite team?

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