Monday, March 3, 2014

Stately Type Photo Shoot

It was an overcast day and I had just left the Build Your Blog 2 day conference in SLC to get out to Lehi for this photoshoot. I signed up because it sounded like fun and I like to pack a lot of fun into my day so why not?

I got to meet Holly first, she let me in to the building and took me upstairs where I met Amelia who did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. This picture above is the pre-picture. I also met her husband David (of course!) who is the mastermind behind this whole project called Stately Type.

Shoot. Flash. Click. Done.

The photoshoot was over faster than I expected.

I heard about Stately Type when it was a Kickstarter campaign from my friend Shannon. I super love the idea behind this project and what it stands for. When I saw a post on Instagram about needing models for a photo shoot I thought sure, why not. I've never considered myself 'model material' but they said I did really well so I'm excited to see my picture posted online eventually. I got a few quick pictures outside before I drove back home. 

You can't really see my whole shirt but it says Arizona in the shape of the state of Arizona.
Pretty awesome.
I wanted to pick California at first but a few people had signed up for that shirt so since I heart Arizona too, I went for that one.

Serious face. Almost home.

What is your favorite Stately Type shirt?

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