Sunday, January 26, 2014

Noodles & Co.

Noodles & Co was doing a grand opening over in West Valley one day, super thanks to my friend Aimee who alerted me that there were still sign up spots available. 

Here is what Tony got
Wisconsin CheesesteakMarinated steak, our Mac & Cheese sauce, cheddar-jack cheese, red onion, red bell pepper and mushrooms on ciabatta

Steak Stroganoff Marinated is what I got. It was steak, mushroom sherry cream sauce, fresh herbs, cracked pepper, sautéed mushrooms, egg noodles and parmesan.  It was very good & I would order it again.

Riley came (with Laura & Rocky of course) to join us for free food

Then I looked outside and saw my car. Then I saw Tony's red truck and asked him, why did we drive separately? Haha! These were not our vehicles but they are what we drive. Too funny that they were parked right next to each other outside.

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