Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Sledding We Will Go!

On our way to Evanston, WY one bright and sunny Saturday

My friend Catt who lives in AZ and her family lives in WY, invited us up to go sleighing. I think I misunderstood because we actually went sledding. That could have been what she was saying all along and the phone connection could have been bad. At first I thought we would be riding along the top of the snow in a sleigh, pulled by horses while we drank hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows. Then she said there was a dog and we would each have our own sled. So I thought we would be doing sled races while a wolf dog pulled us. Nope, not so much. We all got our own sleds but there was only one dog. Sledding. I have never done anything quite like this before. 

We met at her parents house then drove about an hour or so away to this land and the road had been plowed, sadly, but we still got in some good sledding. I had fun until my sled went too fast and I wasn't able to control it as well as I wanted to so I ended up watching everyone else sled after I had done a few runs. 

This is where it got icier and I attempted a couple times to sled on this section of the road but made myself crash into a snowbank because I didnt like how I was going. Catt's brother and mom and her fiance even got going pretty fast. Her dad drove the truck and followed us up and down the hill. 

Here is what the sleds looked like that we were on

Driving back after we were done sledding. Catt's family took us to lunch at a yummy Chinese place called Hunan Garden there in Evanston. So so nice of them!

We left in mid-afternoon. Saw this foggy spot up on the hill as we were getting closer to SLC and thought it was interesting

Almost out of the canyon and back in to the inversion.
Many thanks to Catt, I miss her so much and am very happy she is engaged to a guy I think is pretty great for her! Plus many thanks to her wonderful family for an adventurous day!

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