Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Palooza For Kids

On Saturday at the Sandy Expo Center , Utah Kids Club put on an event called Winter Palooza. I ended up going with my sister and my nephew who is 2. We went around 430 in the afternoon on Saturday because that is the soonest I could get there and I had our tickets. There was no line really to get in so that was nice. 

We got a free facepaint of a spiderweb on Riley's cheek. I was laughing so hard I could hardly take these pictures. Laura had to hold his face straight and the lady did some quick swishes with her brush. I'm glad he didnt touch it or smear it before it could dry. 

Here is another place I laughed so hard at. Riley just liked to touch the panda and I dont know what he was thinking. We barely got a picture of them together. There were lots of super heroes, princesses and characters there walking around and taking pictures with the kids but it was impossible to get Riley to look at the camera. 

We tried this obstacle course out to see how he would do.

Laura lifted him into the hole, he was so anxious to get in we almost were not able to get him to wait in line for his turn

Someone inside helped Riley up the wall

Up up he goes! I was laughing so hard all over again

I spy Riley

He got to here and couldnt really get over

So he crawled around until a little girl helped him up and over the other hard part

Then he sat and found some blocks to play with. This is the booth where the lady touched my henna tattoo and it was still drying! Oh I was so ticked at her! After that I lost interest in talking to her about anything. Boo.

There was so much to do but most things seemed for kids a little older than Riley. I think if he was one year older it would have gone better. There was not too much organization , the lines were very long for most things. It looked like there was fun things to do but it would have been nice to have more space. Also going on in the expo center at the same time as this event was a Bridal Expo and a cheerleading competition.

These looked fun but sadly the line here seemed the longest so we didnt even attempt to stand in it because Riley would not have wanted to do that. He was running all over the place and I'm glad Laura was there with me. At first I had volunteered to take him by myself but I think it's better that Laura came too!

Other things going on that looked fun was laser tag, magic show, rock climbing wall , mechanical bull, henna tattoos, rappelling ropes course and more. Hope next year its in a bigger venue and a little more organized. I would love to take Riley (and Laura) again :)

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The Rosenau's said...

Riley and the Panda ROFL oh my goodness i bet it was 10x that funny being there!