Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Thanksgiving Consists Of For Me

This year it meant pretending to send a Snapchat to my friends of my brother Evan and then him lecturing me on how bad Snapchat is. Tehe

Fall tablecloth.

It means a super awesome and tasty turkey cooked by my dad

Deviled eggs made by my dad. It wouldnt be Thanksgiving without these!

My sister Allison made these and I had to be careful how many I ate at once so people didnt think I was taking them all. They were soo good. Esp if you like peppermint. Yummy. Plus they just look so pretty! 

My dad made fudge. No nuts. Perfection.

Laura made Chex mix and sent it up with me. Great snack to have before the actual food is served.

Another staple at Thanksgiving at my parents house.

Here's the turkey, ready to eat! I love the dark meat best

So blessed to be able to be at my parents house for Thanksgiving. "Home" is still Woodland, CA for me but I cant always get there and I think my relatives mostly go out to eat at Thanksgiving so it's been a nice tradition to have Thanksgiving in Idaho with my parents and Tony's parents and then be in CA for Christmas. 

The plates and placemats in the picture above we have been using for Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember!

My brothers watching football and talking about something

My nephew Teagan and my newest niece, Chloe

Vine video I made of all the food...I dont know why it plays so fast with not waiting for someone to hit weird.

My dad tried a new potato receipe (in the muffin cup) and it was pretty good. I think I would have preferred it in a bowl and just scoop out my own but this was a different way that was fun to do. Cant forget the cranberry sauce! The good, not dry at all.  My dad also tried a new salad that had marshmallows..say what? If it has marshmallows I'm so there! Unless its sweet potatoes...then no way.

Chloe sleeping amidst all the talking, tv on, etc.

This picture needs a funny caption...

I thought these last two pictures were pretty sweet. Tony is not much for kids, especially babies, especially picking them up on his own and holding them. He held Chloe for quite awhile. She seemed to enjoy laying on his lap. It was fun to see.

So this was the majority of the day on Thanksgiving in Idaho.  Tony and I left around 8pm to do Black Friday shopping and came back around 2am. We went to Kohls, Old Navy , Shopko and Target. I think the other stores I wanted did not open until later. No pictures because we were rushing around too much!

To end this blog post, what are you thankful for? 

I have so much it's hard to list them all but a few things off the top of my head are.. my health. Even though I got a bad cold before Thanksgiving, it was mostly gone by the time it was time to travel. Good timing , cold! I'm thankful that my car made it to and from Idaho without any problems. Good has 115k miles on it and I hope it takes me in to 2014 until I can save enough money for another car with less miles. I heart my car, despite its quirks and problems. I'm grateful for a husband who likes to roadtrip and to drive. I like driving too but he does a majority of it when we are on roadtrips which leaves me free to take pictures, text or sleep. I'm thankful for my family that let us stay with them and for feeding us. I'm so thankful for Tony's family and how nice and how much fun they are to be around. I'm thankful the weather was decent and we didnt have to deal with snow, ice, rain or fog while driving.

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So much yummy food! Where are the pictures of the pinterest party??