Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Stink At Bowling

Friday evening after a day of shopping, Tony and I drove by these awesome deer outside a new shopping mall area in Meridian. I felt like they were playing volleyball or something over the telephone wires. Teheh.

We had dinner at Tony's sister's house...delicious lasagna, french bread and salad

Then we went to Big Al's (back at that new outdoor shopping mall in Meridian) to go bowling with him and one of his brothers and his family & his sister and her husband.

Tony looks so pro 

I have not bowled in a long time so I was very self conscious about how much I stink at bowling

This was the other team but I think I bowled an 82. I might or might not have put up the bumpers because the first 4 balls I rolled never went where I needed them to. I might or might not have rolled a granny shot that still went into the gutter. Yikes.

After I bowled a game I was good to be done but Tony did another game. Then we walked around the outdoor mall and found the small skating rink.

Also these cool lights in water that perform to music.

Checked out the movie theater. We went here on Saturday to see Frozen.

Brick work that Trishna's huband Justin did. We admired it. It looks real good!

So fancy inside.

Then we found this store called Charming Charlie. It has finally opened in Utah, up in Farmington and I recently learned there is one at the Gateway mall.

They have most everything sorted by color.
It was very overwhelming at first. There is just SO MUCH.

Pretty watches.

It was hard to tear ourselves out of the store and back into the cold. Well, it was probably easier for the guys to leave the store.  Cant wait to check it out again sometime.

Had such a fun evening hanging out with some of Tony's family even though it was a harsh reminder that I need to go bowling much more often but they were so nice and encouraging and cheered whenever I got pins to go down. 


Susannah said...

Sounds like you had such a good time! (Even if you suck at bowling) ;-)

Aimee said...

I love bowling. I've yet to go to the charming Charlie's that opened up in the district in October. :/