Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All The Pretty Lights

Tony's cousins who live in SLC invited us to come to the Christmas devotional with them this past Sunday because they had gotten a bunch of tickets. I enjoy going to events at the Conference Center on temple square so I said sure, we would love to go. 

We sat in the balcony so we had a really good view. 

The devotional was really good and each talk helped get me more into the Christmas spirit. Not to mention the choir did an excellent job and I saw my friend P. Aldous and M. Dame in the choir! I didnt see Alex Boye' though...

Here are some pictures I took before the devotional when it was still somewhat light outside...

And here are a bunch I took when we got out of the Conference Center...

It was so cold. My nose is red if you cant tell. I wish I had brought my face mask thing. Glad I had fleece leggings on under my skirt, boots and multiple layers of shirts, a scarf , warm hat and gloves. All the winter weather clothes that Utah requires.

These are the same pictures (above and below) but I couldnt decide which I liked better so I added them both.

Always fun to do a panorama picture

It was such a fun evening walking around taking pictures and looking at the lights. The YW are going for their activity next week if the weather stays decent. I cant wait to go back with Tony & take more pictures too.

Are there any spots in your town that have a lot of lights up that you have gone to check out yet?

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The Rosenau's said...

Your so lucky you got to go!I watched it on tv and it was really good!