Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Short Opportunity to Learn

I worked downtown in this building from August 8 to Oct 17 doing social media and marketing for a company. It was fun and I learned a lot. How to send out press releases, work more in Wordpress, use Mailchimp and other email programs and about CEO and bit.ly links.

Riding the elevator from the 3rd floor for the last time

My "I dont have a job again" face

3rd floor goodbyes

It turned out not to be a good fit and I had a premonition that it wasn't going to last but I am grateful for the opportunity to try something different. I will miss eating at Toasters downstairs, working in a small office, my coworkers, the flexibility...I will not miss the commute or parking in a parking garage where I was usually stuck parking on the roof. Not too bad in the nice weather but in the colder months....not so great.

On to the next job I guess and hopefully it is one I can stick with for a long time.

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