Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Owl Hunt

So my friend Adrianna in AZ told me about an owl set of dishes she saw at Walmart. 
I went and started finding the items but it really turned into quite the hunt! Apparently they came out a month ago and so stores were not getting any more of the items in since they are "limited edition".

It was easy to find the plates and bowls. It was easy to find the other dishes that were not owl! Like the squirrel set. No no, just wanted the owl stuff.

 Tony happened to break a bowl the moment we got it home.

It was harder to find the mugs and salt and pepper shakers.

The cookie jar was pretty much impossible. Part of me didnt want the cookie jar at first because I wouldnt really use it and it would take up space but then I'm like, if I am collecting the whole set I need to get the whole entire set!

We went to SO many Walmarts looking. We called so many Walmarts too - while we were at Walmart near Park City.

I eventually posted about it on Facebook. This is what happened:

Yep!! I love the power of social media. How awesome!! Billy lives in Sacramento and he is actually headed up to Utah in November and is bringing the owl with him. Super excited. How nice is that?!

Have you ever been on a hunt for something? Did you have success?

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