Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Pinterest Party II

This is my second year hosting a Halloween theme Pinterest party. Here is some of what we made and ate.

This was my craft project that Lindsay shared with me. I got these wood pumpkins from Wood Connection and we painted them. They all turned out different and way cute! There is a finished picture of them at the end of the blog post.

The night before I spent time making these washi tape flags for the caramel apple bites

We tried butterscotch chips but neither Tony nor I liked how they tasted on the apples so we had these caramels instead. 

We used a melon baller to scoop out chunks of apple and Tony melted caramels in the microwave and we also did a double boiler on the stove to melt the caramel. Either way, it was hard to get the caramel to stick to the apples. They were tasty though.

The morning of the party Tony and I went to One Sweet Slice where I picked up a dozen cupcakes for the party. I won the gift certificate in a blog contest. Sure came in handy!

Next we attempted to make ghost poop

We had to get the ingredients up to a certain temperature and while Tony was trying to get that to happen...

We had a bit of fire when the candy boiled over.

Eek. I'm so glad he was home to help do this..if it had just been me I dont know what I would have done. He removed the pot and put a lid over the burner to smother the flame.

We hoped he had gotten it hot enough and started mixing the liquid with the blender. I added some McCormick peppermint flavor to make the recipe my own.

Until stiff peaks formed :)

Then we put the mix into this awesome frosting bag that I won from McCormick 

It was hard to get a ghost shape so they really did turn into poop, lol

In the cups was this dessert, mini pumpkin cheesecake

The bottom of the cups was crushed graham crackers
The cheesecake mix and whipped cream I kept in the fridge until people wanted to make theirs. Mine def. did not turn out as nice as the picture in the recipe but it tasted really good! Even though the cream cheese was completely soft, blending it with the other ingredients was hard. It still had chunky flecks that we couldnt seem to smooth out.

The foil covered cups are what Alice brought and it was pudding and other yumminess. I should have taken a picture of one all set up with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

We had this Orange Party Punch from the Six Sisters

The setup before too many people brought their treats. I dont think I got a picture of the table with the full treats that people brought. Lindsay brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, the recipe can be found on her blog

My sister Laura brought this project. Basically a cute bowl that gets glued (with stronger glue than our glue guns) onto a candle stick stand. Lots of designs and ways to personalize it.

My friend Aimee had cut out plenty of shapes with her Cricut Machine , this is from the Monster Bash cartridge. She brought some twine and let me make this cool banner. I love how it turned out!

Thanks to all who came to the Pinterest party - it was lots of fun!


Aemy Nadira said...

awesome! the apples + melted caramel look delicious! ^^

Stacie S-H said...

thanks, they didnt taste too bad!