Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kowloon Cafe

This place was in our Entertainment Book and we were in the area (West Valley) so we decided to go here for dinner a few nights ago. Started out with some good appetizers..(the coupon was for a buy 1 appetizer get 1 free)

They started us out with some soup and saltine crackers. (no picture)

Tony got the BBQ pork. It was cold. He thought it would be warm. He said, "I dont think of BBQ as being cold." The yellow sauce was really really spicy  - we didnt like it.  I did like the meat okay though and Tony let me eat most of it. 

I got 10 cream cheese wontons - love these - 

Then the meal went downhill.
We shared the combination plate number 3. Chicken chow mein, ham fried rice and ...

.... sweet and sour ribs.
Ok, this just all looked so gross to me. The sweet and sour ribs? Lots of bones and some of the bones were split open. Tony ate the rib part though and said it was ok. It just looked like a hot mess to me and unappetizing. 

The jelly type mix of chicken and celery over the crunchy noodles did not look good to me at all. I had a few bites of the fried rice and it was ok but not that good.

So disappointed in the food and our server was not that great. 
We waited for her to fill our water cups for a long time.
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2055 W 3500 S, SLC 84119

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