Monday, September 23, 2013

Picnic in Millcreek Canyon

Every year Tony's work has a potluck dinner up at Millcreek Canyon. I was afraid we might somehow miss it this year so I kept bugging him to find out when it was happening. Finally he got the information and I was so excited. Haha..I am so weird. It's just a really fun event with good food in a cool location. Anyways, I took a few pictures....

One of Tony's coworkers made a fruit pizza. It was gone pretty quick. The berries were so big!

Some salads and fruit and a cornbread pie thing. Probably just cornbread.
But in the shape of a pie. Yum.

I was having fun, oh yes I was! Just making a weird face here

So glad there was a campfire. It was chilly up there! Tony & I should have brought smores material. Oops 

This must be a Costco bag because I'd never seen one this size. These are one of my favorite crackers..err..pretzels!

Anyways. We ate lots of good food, chatted with people and eventually headed back down to the valley but it was nice to hang out in the canyon for a bit with great people!


The Rosenau's said...

I've been wanting to make a fruit pizza for so long,that looks so good! I'm surprised you didn't take more scenic pictures since you were in a canyon?

Stacie said...

We didnt get to drive around too much or do anything before it started to get dark. The leaves where we were at were still pretty green. Yea fruit pizza is SO GOOD. Laura makes a really good one