Thursday, July 25, 2013

Idaho Family Reunion

Tony & I left Salt Lake around 830pm on Wednesday night. Had to stop and use Tony's birthday coupon for Cold Stone before it expired! Priorities ;-) We got to his parents house around 2/230 in the morning. Met up with some of my family at Winco to get donuts (tradition for the 4th of July for a long time now) and me and my sisters decided to go to some garage sales and some thrift stores.

First, here are some other picures...
Hailey digging for treasure

Some of the flowers in my mom's beautiful garden

Hailey watching the boys play the birdie game

Evan and Shawn against Tony & Matthew

Still digging for that treasure!

Cousins playing together. Riley & Hailey

Trying to get a picture of Hailey , Riley & Teagan. 

They had a bunch of us in front of them trying to get the perfect picture

Riley had other ideas

This one turned out the best I think!

Checked out a fun thrift store on Friday morning and I wanted this huge panda! Only $40!! so soft. I know it could hang out on the guest bed until guests came...

Went to the Goodwill store that was just a few doors down. It was funny watching my sisters put all their kids in a shopping cart. I was hands free!

Riley at the 2nd of the 3 stores we would go to that day. We all found a lot of good stuff at Goodwill and DI too. I should post a picture maybe but my theme here seemed to be teal...a teal dress, shoes and a couple shirts. So fun!

Riley loves pandas too :)

We really wanted Hawaiian food for lunch (or at least I did) but the first place we went to had been turned into a BBQ place. I was riding with Laura and Tony & Rocky were riding together and met up with us. Tony likes BBQ but I said, not today! So eventually we found a Hawaiian food place to eat at.

Kalua pork (this one is mine) with rice and macaroni salad. So good!

Tony & I went to Plato's Closet, Laura & Rocky went back to my parents and then we hung out in the evening at my parents setting off fireworks and having dinner until going back to Tony's parents house where we were staying.

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