Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Certainly not blogging, that's been obvious! Makes me so so sad. I've fallen really behind. I blame it on starting a new job and not being able to be online much during the day. Not that I really blogged during work before but once 5pm hit I could get a blog post up or if I got up before 9am I could write something and schedule it to post later in the day. Sigh. I'm not sure that there is any other explanation besides the fact that when I get off work I dont always get to go straight home & when I do get home I have piles of stuff to clean up (clothes, dishes, mail , etc) and then I get so tired because Im getting up earlier for work.  Also some nights I've been falling asleep earlier leaving less time for online stuff and just other life stuff in general! Excuses? These are mine. I am realizing I'm so bad at managing my time and I am trying to figure out how to be better.'s what I have been up to (esp on the weekends) during the month of June!


The first weekend in June Tony & I took off to Idaho because my brother Matthew got home from serving a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Houston, TX and was giving his "homecoming" talk in church. So we went and hung out, saw family and I almost bought a motorcycle. All in all it was a really fun trip!

The next weekend we headed to Reno, NV for a family reunion of my dad's cousins. I havent seen them since I was really small. They live in Georgia and Iowa mostly so the fact that they were coming out to the west coast def. called "roadtrip" to me. We had not really planned to be gone every weekend in June almost but that's just how it turned out. 

While I was waiting for everyone to get to Reno , Tony & I met up with my friend Heather at Fuddruckers for lunch on Saturday. SO YUM and so fun to see her again!

I was pretty stoked to eat here again. There is not one in Utah!

Snapping a quick pick with my grandparents & an aunt and uncle who came from CA and then Barbara S. , I think she is my cousin once removed. Maybe? I Google'd it and that's what the internet told me. Haha.  I am going to do a separate post about this whole weekend so that will be coming soon.

A blogger friend of mine, Kathy Dalton, put together a night where we were able to learn more about mobile Isis, which is a way to pay for things at stores without carrying your wallet. Just your phone! It was pretty cool and we got to pick free desserts to enjoy. Mmmm.

The next week we volunteered for the Ragnar Race up in Coalville is where we were stationed at. Our shift was 730 - 11:45 but we ended up staying until 12:30 because the people who were supposed to take over after us didn't come on time. Tony was helping with parking and I was helping keep track of all the runners that came in because that is the kind of station we were - a switch off station. It was ok in the beginning when the runners were not coming so fast but from 1030 to 1230 it was pretty crazy busy and really hard to keep up. I was glad to leave but it was an interesting experience all in all. If I help again next year it will be at a water station! :)

The next day after work we headed out to Salina, UT a couple hours away from where we live. This is the place we got engaged in 2010 so it was nice to go back for the balloon festival.  There will be a blog post about this too.

Checked out this museum on Saturday. It was really interesting inside and I took lots of pictures. 

Sunday morning balloons.

Then we headed to Capitol Reef National Park and did a hike. It was really hot and I'm glad I had my camelback with snacks and water.

A few days ago there was a new Smashburger that opened up in Midvale and I was able to get a VIP pass to go and invite 3 friends. Tony had class :( So! I invited Laura who bought Riley, my new friend Emily from work and Alice took the last pass! The food was really good and I will be blogging about it on my food tab soon. 

The next night was a My Favorite Things party for the Connective Circle blogger group. It was so super fun. I brought owl wrapping paper with panda tags because I like owls and pandas a lot. 

Then at work I finally got a badge! This gets me in to the building and also lets me print my documents from a fancy new printer/scanner/fax/copier that was installed this week actually in my cubicle area. It doesnt print til you go swipe your card and then it prints all your stuff. It is neat.

Tony celebrated his 30th birthday on the 28th of June. I invited a few of his friends but unfortunately they were unable to come. But! Mel did come! All the way from Roy. Soo nice of her to meet up with us at Famous Daves. Then we went to see Puss In Boots at a movie in the park. We were going to go to Cold Stone after that but decided to save that for another time. It was hard to party too much because we were at work and Tony had school but we celebrated some more a bit on Saturday to make up for it :)

I wanted to be in Panguitch the last weekend of the month for another hot air balloon festival but I had to be in YW to teach a lesson and there were just a lot of things at home I needed to clean up and take care of so it was time just to take a break from traveling and be home. Bummer. I'm def. going next year though!

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