Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Me!

Sooo I know that Mother's Day is past now but I just wanted to blog a little about it. I also know I'm not a mom to my own kids but it's all good! I'm kinda like a mom (well auntie really) to my nephew Riley and I'm a mom to my 5 birds! Works perfect for me :)

 I actually didn't take that many pictures (shocking I know) but here are a few I did take...

Tony made us crepes for breakfast and lunch. We had literally 5 minutes to eat before we had to head out the door to go to church. When we got home he made more and did one giant crepe at the end! I put Nutella and bananas all over. So tasty! He also made me a crepe that had mushrooms and cheese in it. Mmm

For dinner he grilled kabobs while I was on the phone talking to my brother Matthew who is on his mission in Houston , TX right now but is coming home on May 21st - a day before his birthday!  The kabobs turned out so super good. We bought a yummy new marinade at Winco and he soaked the meat in it overnight. Teriakyi Pineapple flavor. Perfect because we forgot to include real pineapple, oops!

Then I made angel food cake for dessert because it's my favorite and last time Tony tried to make didnt rise very well. Our oven is tricky. Winco was out of strawberries - that's what we get for going at 11pm the night before Mother's Day! So we just used whipped cream instead. Delicious!

The present Tony got me is....


Ahhh I'm so super excited. I've been wanting to do this ever since last year and now it's finally going to happen.  On Saturday we actually rode around some streets by our house but instead of me in the back behind him, I was in the front & he was behind me on his bike! What what! It was a little scary but mostly really fun. I cant wait to schedule the lessons!

A majority of people reading this are female it seems did you get (or give) for Mother's Day?

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