Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Addition to Our Family

I'm so amazed at how blessed Tony & I have been. Esp. lately. We were able to buy a teardrop camper and then a couple weeks later I was on Facebook browsing the yard-sale pages and someone posted they were getting rid of their top-bar hive. Tony has been building a top-bar hive but it's not quite finished yet. We went to a class about bees in Mapleton a few months ago and Tony has been super interested in owning bees for awhile now. So I msged the lady and we met up with her the next evening. Talked to her for awhile and watched the bees and decided to buy her hive! Since it was getting dark outside and the bees were settling down for the night, it was pretty easy to wrap a blanket around the hive, move it to Tony's truck (with the help of some neighbor kids) and we drove it back to Midvale and dropped it off in the backyard of a couple in our ward who said we could keep the bees there.

So , now the adventure begins! The lady did not take such great care of the hive it seems...she never harvested the honey or anything and she has had the hive since last summer. Tony is waiting for the bees to swarm so we can switch out their hive to the one he is making. Will post updates in the future about how this is going. I'm excited to taste the honey and also learn what to do with the wax (making lip balm, etc) ...maybe I'll open an etsy store or something. Haha. 


lj said...

That is terrifying, but I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. I will buy some chapstick!

Stacie said...

I refuse to get really close unless its at night or I have a bee suit on (we have yet to acquire those). I'll send you some chapstick if I ever figure out how to make it just for being such a great friend and leaving me blog comments!

Rachel said...

This is awesome! I'd live to try beekeeping one day.