Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Week in Review

This is my "excited to be up at 730 in the morning face"

Work week - commuting. It's hard to get used to working away from home after I have had the blessing of not having to drive anywhere for work for the past 2 years. But in case nobody heard the news via FB or Twitter, my job I've been at for 5 years out of Chandler, AZ has recently ended. It took a few weeks of applying for jobs and interviews until I found the job I'm at now. It's called Weir Minerals and I do data entry pretty much for them. Invoicing , filing and such. The first week I worked 4 hours each day and again on Monday (this past Monday) but on Tuesday I got to work 8 hours because my computer was mostly set up. Yay! I'm happy to say that I am not having to look at my notes quite as much and I feel like I'm catching on semi-fast. Fingers crossed that continues and I can get used to working in an office enviroment again. Not a fan of waking up early to be to work at 8am, esp when a couple nights I couldnt fall asleep til past 2am. I came home after work one day and Tony found me asleep upstairs!

Tuesday evening I went out to Lehi for a Connective Circle event. It's for bloggers and happens once a month and this month's topic was about working with brands.  It was sooo good and I learned a lot! So many awesome Utah brands there to talk to and get to know. Every time we talked to a brand we got to mark it off on our paper (shown above) and they did drawings for prizes at the end of the evening.  I won a sweet lantern from Candle Warmers.

We got some samples from people there such as XyloBurst (above), bracelets from Very Jane and cute animal from Sidekix, just to name a few. I will be reviewing some of these items on my review blog in the near future. 

Becky from Utah Sweet Savings invited whoever wanted to go , to JCW's afterwards. So my friend Aimee & I went. So much fun to eat and hang out for a bit - I didnt get home until 1130! I got the "cream sicle" ice cream shake but my burger was so-so. If I go again it'd just be for the ice-cream. Maybe the fries, which I didnt try this time but maybe I will next time. They did have a mushroom burger..might have to give that a try.

Enjoyed these Jelly Belly's at work the next day from Blickenstaff's who were at the Connective Circle event.

Saturday Tony & I went out to Rocky Mountain Raceway with our Pass of All Passes. Really fun to watch the different events. A new one that they did was double decker cars. It was hilarious! Person on top had control of the steering wheel and person on the bottom had the brakes and gas. Whenever a certain car(s) went around the corner, they were on 3 wheels! Eek. There were only 3 sets of cars racing but they hope to grow this category in the future.

Two cars crashed on the track and had to be towed off. So sad.

Also on Saturday our landlord and his son came over and spent all day putting in a new kitchen floor for us. Awhile ago water got in and ruined part of the carpet and they asked us if we wanted carpet again or linoleum. We said linoleum and ended up with this wood floor. I think this looks so much nicer and I'm totally in love.  So excited too to have it done finally and we can get our downstairs put back together.

My outfit on Sunday...maxi skirt from Deb, shirt from DownEast and the shirt I'm wearing over the teal one I got at Plato's Closet awhile ago but this is the first time I've ever worn it.  It is all lace on the back and I thought it was a nice layer to add. Necklace is a hot air balloon. YES! Thanks to Tony for taking the picture..he made sure to get his Boise State doormat in the picture. LOL

Hope you all had a great week last week and an even better one this week! Did you do anything fun? Leave it for me in the comment section below!

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Sean and Deana said...

I love that outfit! Its so fun to match colors together like that.
It would be so hard to go from working at home to an office job. Glad you were able to find one quickly though :)