Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zaika - Grill 'N' Kebab

New place opened on State Street and we drove by awhile ago and I caught the word "kebab" which is right up my alley of foods I love! So on Saturday we were driving to use one of our Entertainment Book coupons at a Mexican Restaurant but I saw this place first so we decided to check it out for reals this time.

This is what Tony ordered. I wish I had taken a picture of the menu of it was listed online somewhere. It is basically homemade tortilla with ground beef with seasoning inside + some sauce to dip it in. I tried a few bites and it was really good.

I got the kebab plate which included rice, chick peas?, 3 kinds of meat. Well, 2 were chicken but flavored differently. The top two on the right were beef and very very spicy. I was happy to eat  a few bites with the plain yogurt that they brought out for us.

The owners were really friendly and explained what the food was and how to eat it. The woman made us a big type of tortilla which we used to scoop up some of the food. 
I think overall we both really liked the food but will say 0 or -1 for level of spiciness next time we go. It was really fun to try a different kind of food than our usual Mexican-Italian-American :) Looking forward to going back here again sometime!

Located in South SLC. See business card on top for exact address

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