Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funny or Something

These pictures are random from my iPod.Trying a blog post from the Blogger app for the first time. I might have to fix this on my computer in the morning. We'll see.

Exhibit 1: I wish my ward did cool Relief Society activities like this ward in Kaysville. I'd totally attend. How cute is this exhibit?! Srsly.

Exhibit 2: I wonder how I'd feel with these on my eyelashes. Hopefully like a pretty bird.

Exhibit 3: Totally excited that 50 ppl are now subbed to my blog. Make that 51 now... super coolio. Thanks for reading!

Exhibit 4: Enough of this Utah. Enough!

Exhibit 5: What I wore on Sunday. New maxi skirt I bought with my credit I won in a blog contest on shirt from Ross and a gray sweater from Maurices. 
Necklace from Tillys.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

New blog followers are always something to be happy about! As is winning a blog giveaway! Man, I would love to win some free clothes!