Tuesday, April 16, 2013

General Conference Weekend

I headed down to Temple Square in SLC for the Saturday afternoon session of tickets to meet a person who had tickets to get me and a friend in to the conference center (building pictured below). I waited until a little after 2pm though at the flag pole and he never showed up :( Such a bummer but my friend Jenny & I ended up going across the street to watch conference in the Tabernacle instead so all was not lost. 

Watching people walking to get in line

Just one of the many long lines. 

Overcast day but not super cold. Kind of windy though

This lady from Channel 4 news interviewed me, as well as the guy you see in the picture above. The 3 questions she asked were basically, "What did you think about a women saying a prayer for the first time in General Conference?" , "What do you think about women wearing pants to church?" and "What do you think about women wanting to have the priesthood?" Wow such controversial topics going on in Utah right now. She did quote me once in her story, you can read it here

My view sitting in the tabernacle. We were lucky to get seats. It was so full of people!

Got this picture as we left the Tabernacle

Jenny & I walked over to City Creek mall and went to Johnny Rockets for a very late lunch. It was fun spending some time with her again. She and her family used to live in the Woodland 2nd ward in CA and now they live in Utah. This is the first time I've gotten to see her since my sister got married which I believe was in 2007 so it's been awhile!

Then I headed over to Tai Pan Trading in Sandy where Waffle Love was parked! 
Super excited they were finally in Sandy because normally they are around the Provo-Orem area, sometimes Lehi which are all farther out for me to go to just for a waffle. But a super fantastic waffle at that! I saw my friend Aimee for a few minutes before she had to head back home. Then another person I knew showed up with her family so we hung out and talked for awhile. Is it finally happening? I can go around town and run in to people I know? Loved when that happened in Woodland....didn't happen often in AZ but sometimes...and now..here in UT...it's been 2 years and rarely happens but when it does it is nice!

I got the $5 special - Biscoff & Cream

Here is the $5 special in all its glory. So good, so sweet, I could only eat about half of it

Then I went in to Tai Pan Trading and found the cutest owl stuff

Loved this owl print

Owl hook and small owl bowl. 
They were doing a lot of contests and giveaways because it was during the Priesthood session of conference and the stores here in Utah do that kind of thing for a couple hours in the evening. Plato's Closet and Quilted Bear + Deseret Book had things going on but I just went to Tai Pan this time.

Was going to meet up at Leatherby's with Tony & his friend Marc who had both gone to Temple Square for the Priesthood session but when I arrived, it was a 2-3 hour wait!! So Tony & I just went to a place called Wok King Cafe. It was alright. I guess not great because I still have leftovers in the fridge from eating there and it was over a week ago. Guess I should throw them out. It was decent while eating there but for some reason reheating my food just didn't taste as good as it usually does. 

What did you do during the Priesthood session of conference?
 (if you are LDS and reading this and if you are female. Haha)

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