Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking in Water

Last week I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and as I stood on the carpet getting a muffin, my socks started getting wet. Then I realized I smelled water. Yuck. Started to investigate and found out that rain from the recent storm had gotten inside by the kitchen.

Water seeping through the carpet

Water spots over by the window

Spots of mildew? or mold?

Online it said mold can be fuzzy & slimy. It's hard for me to tell though if this is mold or mildew. We had a carpet down over the original carpet and when I pulled it up, that's when I found the spots :( I think its mildew but not 100% sure on that

View from standing in the kitchen

Spots around the vent

Just took some pictures to document. In the afternoon the landlord's son came and cleaned the carpet and pulled up the padding underneath and cleaned things up a bit. A few days later an evaluation company came to see where the water was coming from and it was determined that behind the drywall, underneath the window, there is a crack and that is how water is coming in.

So far this week we have not heard what is going to happen next. It'd be nice to take out carpet and put linoleum down once the crack is repaired. I hope we find out soon what is going to happen so we can put our downstairs back together again!


The Gilberts said...

Oh man! I am so sorry about all your water problems! We have had a lot too! I bet there is a little bit of mold, but it can be fixed! Hopefully it gets taken care of quickly!

Brendon Jones said...

That is terrible. I hope that you get pro rated (how ever you spell that) rent or some sort of compensation. I hope it is fixed soon for you guys that is no fun!!!!!

That Girl said...

Such a bummer!!!