Thursday, April 11, 2013

Microsoft Store Sneak Peek @ City Creek Mall

Huge thanks to my friend Aimee for inviting me to go with her this morning to the pre-grand opening event of the Microsoft Store at City Creek Mall in SLC. She picked me up and we arrived a little early, which is not common for me to ever arrive early to anything! 

We stood in the sun to keep warm until it was time to go in to the store


We got to play with this tablet at our table

Learned that Microsoft does lots of service in the community. 
I liked hearing about that and it was cool to learn that for 30 years, Microsoft has donated money to non-profit organizations. That really impressed me.

Ryan talking about the Grand Opening events going on this weekend and if any groups or families want to hold a birthday party, X-box game night or anything else fun like that, the Microsoft store is happy to do that, free of charge. Wow! You can also rent it out for work group meetings.

Michael Regan - Store Manager

Jonathan - Head of PR

 Everything was so neat and orderly

 Gaming station set up

Keyboards that are so thin and colorful

I liked these phones a lot. If I didnt have an Android, I am - for right now, tempted to get a Windows phone. I found out on Saturday that my friend has one and she likes it a lot
Pretty colors

So much cool stuff to see and to play with

Everything in their store was touch screen. Wow. So 2013

This tablet was my favorite - there was a screen on the lid! If that makes any sense. See the pic on the left...then when you close the lid - you turn the laptop into a tablet. No swivel stuff. Pretty neat.

Aimee & I with our swag bags

Here's what we got in our bags! Onesie & a bottle (gonna hook Riley up!) , gift card, coupon, 2 really neat cookies & 2 wristbands for the Train concert on Saturday. Awesome!

 The grand opening is this weekend with a lot of events going on around that. Click here to find out more and read the Enjoy Utah review of our sneak peek this morning.


Entirely Eventful said...

Looks awesome! love me some gardgets

Aim Cutler said...

Oh man, you got my fat side in the shadow pic.

who am i kiddin, every side is my fat side. LOL

Debra Hawkins said...

So much fun! I was sad to miss it!

Sean and Deana said...

That looks pretty awesome. I love when things are all neat and set up like that in a store. I'm totally an Apple girl but that laptop/tablet thing looks cool.