Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cravings Bistro Restaurant Review

National Grilled Cheese Day happened recently & you gotta celebrate it, right? Well , maybe not if you have grilled cheese but! Tony & I happen to LOVE grilled cheese and this is our #1 place to go. Wish it was closer to us but the drive is worth it! Cravings Bistro is located in American Fork.

Tony & I ordered the same thing, the ABC - apple (Granny Smith!), bacon & chedder

The delicious insides

Omgoodness my mouth waters just thinking about it

Then for dessert we got the Smores dessert 'grilled cheese' even though there was no cheese in it.

Just strawberries, marshmallow cream, Nutella and powdered sugar on top!
It was so sweet I'm glad we just got 1 and split it. Totally worth getting it though - super super good!

Here I am getting messy eating the dessert. Nutella on my face. haha

Here's their 

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