Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sundance Film Festival

I am part of a blogger group on Facebook and someone posted that there was an opportunity with Southwest to attend a screening of a movie called Touch Feely at the Sundance Film Festival. I regretted not going to the film festival last year so I was really excited to score 2 tickets this year.

I was so happy to get out of the yucky inversion in Salt Lake. This is heading towards Park City.

It's been so cold that the snow has not melted much.

We were lucky to find free parking in the same parking lot as the theater. I was so glad to not have to spend $20 to park somewhere!

We got swag bags with goodies inside. So fun!

There was a free roundtrip flight from Southwest under one of the seats and that lucky guy won! If it had been under my seat I would have without a doubt used the ticket for a trip to Portland, Oregon. 

We got treats in our red bags that we got to eat in the theater. Little peanuts, pretzels, chocolate and Apple Beer (I left them in the car because I didnt know we could take them in to the theater).

Tony did not like the movie, I thought it was interesting but the movie really had no plot. Still, we were watching an actual film at the film festival so I didnt really care.

We went to Famous Dave's for dinner and shared some food. Such a fun day with Tony!

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