Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Go Kings!

February 4th the Sacramento Kings came to play the Jazz one last time this season. I had a coupon for a ticket website and combined with another discount code made my 2 tickets free! Total score. Tony had class so I invited Laura to come to the game and it worked out nicely.


Kings are #1! 

The Kings were ahead for a majority of the game and in the 4th quarter they were tied a lot. I really really thought the Kings would win but then the game went in to overtime and the Kings ended up losing. Sad day. But it was fun to wear my Kings jersey, hat and bracelet. Didnt wear my Kings pants or earrings this time (yea I have a lot of Kings gear!) I dont know if the Kings are moving to Seattle or not but if not I hope to see them play the Jazz again in Utah next season.

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