Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Party! A Party!

I love any reason to throw a party and Super Bowl is a good excuse to have a get together with food and friends. Unfortunately I was still getting over being sick so I kinda uninvited some of the friends I had invited. Laura & Riley came over to party with Tony & I so we kept it small this time.

All the food! Some orange soda, Crystal Light, a meat , cheese & cracker tray, baby carrots, ice oatmeal cookies , tomatoes, chips, salsa, pretzels and imagine a DiGornio pizza in the empty spot there in the front middle.

Tony with his laptop watching the pre-game stuff


Riley is ready to go.

Thanks Laura & Riley for coming over to hang out for a bit! Hopefully next year nobody will be sick and I can get more people to come :)

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