Monday, February 11, 2013

FREE Pancakes?!

Free pancakes at Ihop last week and Laura & Riley met me there to eat some :)

Riley is suspicious of why I am taking pictures of him?

He started to warm up when he got some bites of pancake

Laura & Riley

 Riley got milk with his pancakes

 Pancakes are gone. Time to go!


lj said...

Mmm breakfast food. Did they have any special kinds?

Stacie said...

They have a red velvet one that looked really good! My sister in WA tried it a few days ago and loved it. I usually get the Rooti Tooti Fresh & Fruity (haha at the name) but it is so good..comes with strawberries and whipped cream

Laura said...

mmm...i could have gone for another plate of them honestly! ;) the best pancakes i have eaten lately are the pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin whipped cream and a cinnamon and sugar topping. So.Good. they are not in season anymore though i dont think :( fun night! so crowded but we didnt even have to wait hardly at all!