Monday, February 11, 2013

An Arizona Trip [part 3]

Sunday morning I went out to Maricopa to visit my friend Nicole and her family after attending my family ward's sacrament mtg in Mesa. Her husband and kids were at church and she was home with her newest little guy & one of her other sons. She gave me homemade bread and jam and we chatted for awhile. Love visiting her & her family!

Cutest baby!

Crazy house in her neighborhood I just had to take a picture of as I headed out to Queen Creek next

Teardrop camper I saw while driving to Josh & Adrianna's house. Tony & I want to build one of these so badly! It's always fun to see one in real life.

At Adrianna and Joshua's house we carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds. I remember my mom making these when I was a kid but I did not like them. My tastes have changed because I really liked these.

Joshua made delicious bacon that we put on our hamburgers for dinner. Wow. SO DELICIOUS. I love visiting my Oregon friends who now live in Arizona. They are great to talk to and their kids are so cute and fun.

In the evening I went to visit my friend Annie...took some trying to find the right apartment but once I found it I got to take an elevator up to their floor. Never seen such a thing so I had to document ;-)

I was friends with Annie through YSA I think when I lived in AZ and now she is married and has an adorable little boy! It was fun visiting with her for a bit & getting to know her family better.

Our visit was over too soon and then I was headed back to the house I'd been staying at. Chatted with Johnny and his wife for a bit and went to bed. I had work on Monday (soo happy to be able to stay an extra day!) and I picked up Jaromy & Valerie Monday evening and we drove all night back to Salt Lake. All in all a wonderful trip, the company, the car, the weather, everyone who let me come see them & being able to work out of the office..all so priceless!

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