Monday, February 11, 2013

An Arizona Trip [part 2]

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to my good friend Candace's house to hang out for a bit. She made me a delicious smoothie for breakfast!

Then we headed out to look for baby clothes...she was pregnant with her first little girl and I was looking for some warm winter clothes for my nephew. The shopping trip was a success and then we went to Phoenix so I could vote and then ended our time with some pizza from Barro's (one of my favorites).

Me and Candace. I heart her!

Spent some time walking around one of my favorite Goodwill stores in Mesa and found this awesome hot air balloon..smock or something. Haha.

The temps were a bit warmer on Saturday

Tony got me this drink for me to bring to Arizona. Love him. It was yummy

I had won Kayola Skinner's famous cinnamon rolls in a contest on Facebook awhile back and I was finally able to get them! Fresh batch thank was not months old. I shared them with Johnny & Brittany because it was too many to eat all by myself!

Getting gas at the Fry's down the street where I used to live. Brand new pumps. Nice!

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