Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Arizona Trip! [part 1]

 I see that I never posted about my trip to Arizona last October. For shame on me! It was so so fun and such an adventure.

This is my car for the trip that I rented from Enterprise. Great car and gas mileage.

I had a guy riding with me down to Moab and once I dropped him off at a movie theater with his friends I was supposed to meet up with Tony's friends  Jaromy & Valerie & their two boys. But my phone messed up and wouldnt get off the reboot screen so I went to a gas station and a guy there let me use his phone. SO GLAD I had Tony's # memorized or I would have really been stuck. I was able to find Jaromy & Valerie, their family got loaded up in my car and we were off to Phoenix!

The temps in Arizona. So so loving the warmer weather compared to the cooler temps I had been experiencing in Utah.

After I finished with work for the day I was super anxious to go get another phone at the T Mobile Store  at the Chandler mall. Fun times shopping here by myself or with friends. The parking was super crowded like I always experienced in the past.

Great sunset. I miss Arizona sunsets the most!

Hooked myself up with the Galaxy S III for a "two week" trial period and headed to Mesa. 

I lived in this house when I first moved to Arizona. Now my friend Johnny & his family live there and they were so nice to let me stay a few nights.

They have a murphy bed - I love sleeping in this kind of bed. I just think it is so cool.

Went to watch the Gin Blossoms perform in Chandler with my friend Chris and my friend Catt. After being awake all night driving to AZ and working all day I was so exhausted. There was another girl performing down the street afterwards named Sara Robinson.  Gin Blossoms were at 8 and Sara was at 11 and I just couldnt stay awake that long even though it was only an hour or so more...I still had to take Catt back to her apt. in Tempe and then get to Mesa to sleep before working in the morning.  I felt so bad to not be able to hang out longer. 

These next pictures are the #1 reason I came to Arizona. For my friend Brennen's surprise birthday party! His wife knows I like to roadtrip and she invited me to come. It worked out perfectly to come down the same weekend as the party. Theme was Halloween, I left my panda costume in the car though. Kinda wish I had worn it!

I helped decorate these cupcakes...Catt frosted them and I stuck the hands in. So fun, I think they turned out great!

The party food - creepy!

There was so much to eat!

 I thought these guys had some pretty legit costumes. Pretty crazy, even down to the white contacts the guy on the left was wearing. 

Here we are! I was so so so excited to see Brennen again!

Part 2 of my AZ trip coming in the next many pictures...dont want to overwhelm!

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